[Catalyst] using uri_for to parsing parameters

nhyda nhydanhyda at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 16:38:15 GMT 2010

I don't know whether someone has asked it yet.

here is my situation.

I have an action "find" that take one argument of book id
and I have another action author that chained to find
so in practice I use /find/1/author to list all the authors of book 1.

now I want to capture the book id use form but still use the action "find"
and "author"
so in action "form_do",
I use

but I have learned that $c->uri_for($self->action_for('author')*** should be
a better approach.
so how do I parse the $book_id if I don't want to hard code the URL.

Thank you very much.
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