[Catalyst] Catalyst with HTML::FormHandler

Blaine Everingham grandmasterblaine at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 5 18:33:40 GMT 2010

I'm new to Catalyst and and trying to build a simple form. =

 In the Catalyst controller MyApp/UserInterface/Controller/Admin/Users.pm I=
've added an 'use =

 MyApp::UserInterface::Form::User', however it can not find this file. =

 Meaning that it's not in the INC path. =

 Obviously I could push this directory on to the INC stack, but none of =

 the examples that I've seen have had to do this. What is the proper =

 way to go about this? =

 Below is an example of the directory structure. =

 MyApp/UserInterface/Controller =

 MyApp/UserInterface/Controller/Admin =

 MyApp/UserInterface/Controller/Admin/Users.pm =

 MyApp/UserInterface/Form =

 MyApp/UserInterface/Form/User.pm =

 MyApp/UserInterface/Model =

 MyApp/UserInterface/Schema =

 MyApp/UserInterface/View  		 	   		  =

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