[Catalyst] Question about Chained Controller

Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Mon Nov 15 03:00:19 GMT 2010

Good afternoon,

On 15/11/10 at 10:03 AM +0800, woosley. xu. <redicaps at gmail.com> wrote:

>Caught exception in SEA::Controller::User->get "Can't call method "id"
>on an undefined value
>What is the problem with this code?

I've never bothered to find out why, but I've run into 
situations where $c->user_exists returns true and $c->user 
returns false. I just check for defined($c->user) instead and 
that solved it for me.

I also agree with other users that auto is a better place to do 
that check.

>First I use this piece of code to make sure that a user is logged in, if
>not, the use will be forward to the login page, and I assume after login, it
>will return back to the original page

You need to handle that yourself. Save the current URI in the 
session before redirecting to login page, and then redirect to 
session-saved URI after successful $c->authenticate.

   $c->session->{login_back} = $c->req->uri
       unless ($c->action =~ /^(login|logout|rest\/)/ || 
$c->action eq '/');

And then after authenticate (simplified code, may not work as-is):

   $c->response->redirect( delete $c->session->{login_back} || 
$c->uri_for_action('/index') );


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