[Catalyst] Query : Catalyst forward and relative path in CSS.

Rohan M rohan7799 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 16:10:52 GMT 2010

Dear All,

I'm trying out the examples and learning Catalyst.

Although, the scripts are working but I'm facing two problems -

1) The $c->forward('controller/action') *NOT* working but
$c->response->redirect('/controller/action') is working.
    Any reason ? I do not see any errors on the console.

2) I'm using relative path in the CSS -
    e.g background : url("../static/images/header.gif")
   Now when I try to go to a page something like /person/edit/1 .. I loose
the CSS because of the relative path.
    i) Is there a way to define a absolute path ?
    ii) Can we give Document_root kind of path to achieve this?

Thanks and regards,

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