[Catalyst] Catalyst and FormBuilder vs. IExplorer 8

will trillich will.trillich at serensoft.com
Wed Oct 6 03:00:57 GMT 2010

Short version: Catalyst/Formbuilder uploads work fine in firefox and chrome,
works fine in IE 6... but not IE 8, where it throws an "object expected"

Long version:

We've got a weird situation -- Catalyst and FormBuilder work together to
generate HTML for a form including file uploads -- which work fine for older
Internet Explorers, but when attempting the POST using Explorer 8, instead
of an upload we get the error "Object Expected line 215 char 1". If we opt
not to upload anything, the rest of the fields in the form get posted just

Line 215 is:

<form action=3D"/incident/2129" enctype=3D"multipart/form-data" id=3D"incid=
method=3D"post" name=3D"incident" onsubmit=3D"return validate_incident(this=
input id=3D"_submitted_incident" name=3D"_submitted_incident" type=3D"hidde=
value=3D"1" />

The only thing there that looks like a suspect would be onsubmit=3D"return
validate_incident(this)", right?

If you've run across this and know how to straighten it out, that
information would be very much appreciated.

In particular... Is there a way to fix this with a configuration arg to
Catalyst (v5.80027) or to FormBuilder (v3.0501)?
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