[Catalyst] I18N

Ekki Plicht (DF4OR) ep at plicht.de
Wed Oct 13 21:25:46 GMT 2010

Am Dienstag 12 Oktober 2010, 22:04:23 schrieb Stuart Watt:
>   Quick question: I'm currently using Catalyst::Plugin::I18N. Should I
> be planning to move to CatalystX::I18N? Any thoughts...?

Stuart, I am in no way a Catalyst expert, just a mere beginner. And facing the 
same question :-)

I played around with C::P::I18N, and it does perfectly what is says it does - 
l10n. But I want (need) more, like localized paths, for example. So I looked 
at C::P::I18N::Request which is perfect for that, but decides only on the 
browser header setting of accept-language, AFAICS. Which renders it useless 
for me.

Then there is C::P::I18N::PathPrefix, which is a helpful and different 
approach. It comes in handy when path names are the same even for different 
languages, a situation which I have here in my current project. 

I haven't used CX::I18N yet, but looking at the docs it also looks promising. 
I will certainly give it a try and play around with it to see if it matches my 

As always with Perl, there are several ways... which is good.


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