[Catalyst] on the topic of PAR file distribution, why is it frowned upon?

Chris hutchinson.chris at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 06:42:25 GMT 2010

> Anybody else tried Shipwright?
> Rob

How has shipwright worked with catalyst apps? I'm wondering how to
ensure that dependancies are identical for dev and production
environments. Shipwright looks like it should solve the problem, maybe
with a little bit of local::lib, but has anyone evolved a working
recipe? I'd like to move a couple of apps from relying on a mini-cpan
into shipwright as it looks a lot more robust. However, the Shipwright
docs unfortunately don't cover this particular use-case.

The ideal situation will be to have each app directory containing all
dependencies and app code, with a script to build a vessel which can
be pushed to production. This allows us to develop each app separately
without worries about different apps being on different Catalyst
versions or anything else.

This works ok with a mini-cpan for each app, but Shipwright is _much_
better at resolving and capturing module dependancies that we
currently do manually.

- Chris

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