[Catalyst] Remote authN not getting username from remote_user()

Trevor Leffler tleffler at uw.edu
Thu Sep 23 16:44:38 GMT 2010

Stuart Watt wrote:
>   On 9/22/2010 7:40 PM, Trevor Leffler wrote:
>> Hi, I'm using:
>> Catalyst::Runtime -- 5.80022
>> Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication -- 0.10016
>> I'm finding that C::Request->remote_user is not returning my username 
>> when I have authenticated under apache, whereas the deprecated 
>> C::R->user does.
> Are you using SSL? Looking at the code, this can affect the environment 
> variables used to transmit the remote name.
> All the best
> Stuart

The behavior is the same for both http and https requests.  That is, 
after a successful [AuthType Basic] authN to a non-SSL page, 
C::R->remote_user returns 'undef' while C::R->user returns 'tleffler'.

Thanks for the response though, I hadn't checked for that variable.

It's a good point about how env vars are accessed... Is Catalyst using 
(in my case, via mod_perl2) Apache2::RequestRec->user to get the 
logged-in username?


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