[Catalyst] Suggestions for sending email from cron job using 'Catalyst' templates?

Jon Schutz jon+catalyst at youramigo.com
Mon Apr 11 01:04:00 GMT 2011

Perhaps fire up your app from the cron job using


Jon Schutz

On 10/04/11 22:40, Charlie Garrison wrote:
> Good evening,
> First, I may not be approaching this the right way at all. So I'm
> happy to take any suggestions for a better way to do what I need.
> I've got a daily task (cron job currently) which sends emails to
> users. I want to use existing TT templates to generate the email
> content. I'm using Mail::Builder::Simple for the message creation &
> sending.
> All the simple tests are working fine, until I want to use the
> existing template setup that I've been using to send email from within
> Catalyst. Specifically, the wrapper template (with header, footer,
> etc) makes fairly extensive use of c.uri_for and c.uri_for_action. And
> of course the Catalyst context is not available from the cron job (at
> least no way that I could find).
> One option is to move all the logic to a controller action and just
> have the cron job make an http request. That doesn't seem like the
> right approach though.
> Does anyone have suggestions on how I can use my existing template
> structure and still be able to use `c` from a cron job? Or should I
> use a completely different approach?
> Thanks,
> Charlie

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