[Catalyst] live demos of catalyst apps

Fernan Aguero fernan.aguero at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 14:57:38 GMT 2011


I was just wondering about this the other day. How do people showcase
their apps to other people?

Powerpoint presentations with screenshots?
Recorded screencasts?
Live demo of an app over screen sharing (VNC, webmeeting, elluminated, etc)?

The first two are kind of OK, but static. The third is ideal for a
live session, with interaction, questions from the end user (how do I
do X?), which is always nice. However, for the 3rd option, there is
this obstacle of having to pre-arrange things (VNC), fight against
firewalls, contracting a 3rd party (webmeeting), etc.

And I just came across a thought ... is there any easier way of making
a live demo of an app? For example, typing and clicking on my screen
is mirrored in someone else's browser, while talking on the phone or
over skype? Is there any javascript cross-browser framework that would
allow for this? Maybe together with some server-side code in the app
to manage invitations/acceptance?

Or am I just dreaming?


PS: now that I think more of it, maybe this would be like turning a
catalyst app into a sort of google wave clone of its own

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