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Andy Betteridge andy at betteridge.net
Thu Apr 28 15:04:32 GMT 2011


You should probably take a look at Webex and others of that ilk.


On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 3:57 PM, Fernan Aguero <fernan.aguero at gmail.com>wro=

> Hi,
> I was just wondering about this the other day. How do people showcase
> their apps to other people?
> Powerpoint presentations with screenshots?
> Recorded screencasts?
> Live demo of an app over screen sharing (VNC, webmeeting, elluminated,
> etc)?
> The first two are kind of OK, but static. The third is ideal for a
> live session, with interaction, questions from the end user (how do I
> do X?), which is always nice. However, for the 3rd option, there is
> this obstacle of having to pre-arrange things (VNC), fight against
> firewalls, contracting a 3rd party (webmeeting), etc.
> And I just came across a thought ... is there any easier way of making
> a live demo of an app? For example, typing and clicking on my screen
> is mirrored in someone else's browser, while talking on the phone or
> over skype? Is there any javascript cross-browser framework that would
> allow for this? Maybe together with some server-side code in the app
> to manage invitations/acceptance?
> Or am I just dreaming?
> --
> fernan
> PS: now that I think more of it, maybe this would be like turning a
> catalyst app into a sort of google wave clone of its own
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