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Goke Aruna p6klass at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 07:27:40 GMT 2011

Its been two hours trying to run ShinyCMS.

The dependencies are too many. Is it possible to have all the
dependencies in a file and run it prior to running it.


On 4/29/11, Mike Raynham <catalyst at mikeraynham.co.uk> wrote:
> On 29/04/11 05:22, Peter Edwards wrote:
>> Alfresco leaks memory in practice.
>> Drupal is a better bet.
>> There are plenty of other CMS choices for small simple sites - I used
>> CMS Made Simple a few years back as it had a lot of self-service plugins
>> you could install through the admin UI, used Smarty templates, decently
>> separated CSS themes and a sane pluggable module approach that made it
>> easy to write extensions. I run DTC control panel on AWS and integrated
>> a perl script so customers can set up new sites on the fly.
>> Check out the Wikipedia page that compares features of CMSes.
>> A hosted software as service may be the best fit for you.
>> Regards, Peter
>> http://perl.dragonstaff.co.uk
> Hi Peter,
> Thanks for the recommendations.  I like the look of CMS made simple, and
> will definitely download and test it.  I've used Smarty for quite a few
> websites, so that's a bonus.
> I've been using the Wikipedia page, but with so many systems available,
> it's a very time consuming job reading about each system and trying it
> out.  It's good to narrow the selection down first with the help of a
> few recommendations.
> Regards,
> Mike
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