[Catalyst] [ANNOUNCE] Catalyst Runtime 5.9000

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Mon Aug 15 21:37:27 GMT 2011

The Catalyst Core Team is proud to announce that we've just shipped  
the next major release of the Catalyst framework, version 5.9000, aka  

Specifically, this release would not have been possible without the  
hard work put in by Florian Ragwitz porting the code base and John  
Napiorkowski who wrote the mod_perl support, fixed some major  
backwards compatibility problems and has tirelessly chased us until  
this release was ready!

Also thanks to tanyone who contributed patches or just who tried out  
one of the -TRIAL releases, and provided feedback, asked questions or  
made suggestions.

The Runtime distributions will be on a CPAN mirror near you before  
long, but until then you have the option of getting them here:


A further explanation of the major changes can be found in  
Catalyst::Delta (included below).

You are recommended to read Catalyst::Upgrading (especially if you are  
using Catalyst::Engine::PSGI, HTTP::Engine::Prefork, or any other non- 
standard engine).

A full changelog of all minor changes between the versions in the  
Changes file as usual, however the changes since the last trial  
release are not included in this mail.

Thank you for your attention, and for using our software.


Major changes in this release:

     The Catalyst::Engine classes have all been removed and deprecated,
     to be replaced with Plack handlers.

     Plack is an implementation of the PSGI specification, which is
     a standard interface between web servers and application  

     This should be no different for developers, and you should not  
have to
     migrate your applications unless you are using a custom engine  

     This change benefits Catalyst significantly by reducing the  
amount of
     code inside the framework, and means that the framework gets  
     bug fixes in Plack, and automatically gains support for any web  
     which a PSGI compliant handler is written for.

     It also allows you more flexibility with your application, and  
     the use of cross web framework 'middleware'.

     Developers are recommended to read Catalyst::Upgrading for notes  
     upgrading, especially if you are using an unusual deployment  

     Documentation for how to take advantage of PSGI can be found in
     Catalyst::PSGI, and information about deploying your application
     has been moved to Catalyst::Manual::Deployment.

     A number of modules have been updated to pass their tests or not
     produce deprecation warnings with the latest version of Catalyst.
     It is recommended that you upgrade any of these that you are using
     after installing this version of Catalyst.

     These extensions are:

         Catalyst::Engine::HTTP::Prefork - this is now deprecated, see

         Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst - has been updated to not  
             deprecation warnings.

         Catalyst::ActionRole::ACL - has been updated to fix failing  
             (although older versions still function perfectly with this
             version of Catalyst).

         Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::DBIC - has been updated to  
             failing tests (although older versions still function  
             with this version of Catalyst).

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