[Catalyst] Reloading Catalyst application with Plackup when config changes

Christiaan Kras c.kras at pcc-online.net
Wed Aug 24 16:23:08 GMT 2011

Hello list,

Second attempt, looks like my first message didn't came through (can't 
find it anywhere?).

I'm running a small Catalyst 5.8 application under Plackup (or rather 
Starman, but Plackup could do just as well) with Catalyst::Engine::PSGI 
(haven't had the change to upgrade yet).

In a external application I'm able to reconfigure my app's Catalyst 
config file. Whenever that happens I want my application to restart.

I've tried to do so with plackup --Reload app.conf scripts/app.psgi 
which does detect the file change and reloads the application. But my 
configuration file isn't being reloaded.

I've also tried it with plackup -L Delayed in combination with --Reload 
but this doesn't make a difference.

The only way I was able to get it to work was with -L Shotgun. This 
works fine, but response time changes from 26ms to about 1300ms. Which 
is way too long to wait for.

Has anyone got any pointers on how to solve this? Would be much appreciated.

Christiaan Kras

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