[Catalyst] Question about workflow to handle multiple 'submit' buttons on one form

will trillich will.trillich at serensoft.com
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We have a ticketing system where the managers can add new data and update
the form. This uses a normal "submit" button. But now and then they want to
close an incident, so we have a "save-and-close" submit button as well. One
form, two ways to submit.

So there's a second page where they fill out some finalization options (with
the original data in hidden fields) and there they have a final "submit"
button for the purpose. And they should be able to use their browser's
"back" button to get back to the edit form.

What's the elegant way to handle this in Catalyst?

The problem we're wrestling with is that the "edit" action should have a URL
distinct from the close action so that the user can hit the "back" button if
need be.

/item/# <=3D view item
/item/#/edit <=3D edit form
/item/#/close <=3D confirm-close form

We're using HTML::FormHandler and DBIC. And the solution shouldn't rely on

All pointers welcome!

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