[Catalyst] Weird problem with Catalyst::Authentication, and redirects

Ben van Staveren benvanstaveren at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 13:15:53 GMT 2011

> -) check if all relevant modules are up to date.
> -) try with a different browser
> -) create a simple app and try this particular code there.
I would do this if it wasn't for the fact that this code has worked just fine 
for the past year, and I haven't done any updates or upgrades for the last 2 
weeks. And the problem is, if this is something that is due to C::A getting 
it's knickers in a twist, that's a showstopper for me because I can't go and 
tell my end-users "yeah just clear your cache and try another browser", they'd 
lynch me on the spot.

I'll give it another shot, see what happens.

Ben van Staveren
phone: +62 81 70777529
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