[Catalyst] What text editor to use?

John M. Dlugosz wxju46gefd at snkmail.com
Thu Mar 3 16:11:28 GMT 2011

  On 3/3/2011 9:24 AM, Cliff Green green-at-umdnj.edu |Catalyst/Allow to home| wrote:
> On 3/3/2011 9:27 AM, Mesdaq, Ali wrote:
>> I have been using Komodo for years and its the best Perl editor I
>> have found.
> I wondered if anyone was going to mention Komodo.
> FWIW, it looks like Ali is talking about KomodoIDE (which I also own), not the free 
> KomodoEdit, which is fundamentally the same editor, sans source code management (svn, 
> etc.).  On the other hand, it does allow one to open and save files remotely (I use 
> scp), which is convenient.
> ....

I already checked out the free Komodo editor.
It was quite disappointing.  Basically no configuration possible.

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