[Catalyst] What text editor to use?

Cliff Green green at umdnj.edu
Thu Mar 3 15:24:03 GMT 2011

On 3/3/2011 9:27 AM, Mesdaq, Ali wrote:
> I have been using Komodo for years and its the best Perl editor I
> have found.
I wondered if anyone was going to mention Komodo.

FWIW, it looks like Ali is talking about KomodoIDE (which I also own), 
not the free KomodoEdit, which is fundamentally the same editor, sans 
source code management (svn, etc.).  On the other hand, it does allow 
one to open and save files remotely (I use scp), which is convenient.

> The only downside I have noticed is in certian situations its really
> slow on linux boxes when switching tabs when many tabs are open but
> that problem has slowly been getting better with the newer releases.
I've noticed it's mostly slow on startup, but reasonable after that.

Cliff Green

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