[Catalyst] Fwd: Catalyst::View::PDF::Reuse generates empty PDF

Victor Churchill victorchurchill at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 22:26:44 GMT 2011

On 3 March 2011 21:49, Wes Cravens <wcravens at cortex-it.com> wrote:
> I fell into exactly this same hole earlier today in fact.  I'm not exactly
> sure why this is set in the stash rather than the template, or why the
> template setting seems to be ignored (or something). I've not had the time
> to investigate further... but from the docs...
> $ perldoc Catalyst::View::PDF::Reuse
> <snip>
> The filename and content disposition (inline or attachment) can be
> controlled by putting the following values in the stash:
> $c->stash->{pdf_disposition} = 'attachment';  # Default is 'inline'
> $c->stash->{pdf_filename}    = 'myfile.pdf';
> </snip>

Yes, I have not investigated {pdf_disposition} but {pdf_filename}
DEWISOTT (and you do need it, otherwise you get an error). Regarding
an initial pdf.prFile, it seems that if you use that in your template
then it closes a file prevoiusly 'opened' by CVPR and whatever you put
in thereafter is lost.

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