[Catalyst] [ANNOUNCE] Catalyst-Runtime-5.89002-TRIAL PSGI Catalyst - third development release

Nigel Metheringham nigel at dotdot.it
Fri Mar 4 08:41:15 GMT 2011

On 3 Mar 2011, at 18:28, Fernan Aguero wrote:

> Although it was not clear in any of the Plack/PSGI documentation that
> I've read, my guess is that only framework developers care about this.
> I, as a developer of web applications, shouldn't. Right?

You should care in that it simplifies your choices - rather than 
needing to select an environment with a framework and web server 
that integrate, you now go for a PSGI supported webserver and can
switch frameworks on top of that defined hand-off point.
Should make it much easier if, say, you end up with multiple 
frameworks (ie when you are transitioning functionality from one to

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