[Catalyst] Formhandler and Auth

Eric Berg eberg at bergbrains.com
Fri Mar 4 13:23:21 GMT 2011

I'm trying to do some progressive engagement by allowing one of my forms 
to be filled out before a user is required to log in, but once the form 
is filled, I need them to log in so that I can get the user ID, which is 
part of the record for that form's row in my db.

I'm using  HTML::FormHandler::Model::DBIC and generally sticking to the 
example here: 

The problem is that I don't know how to check to see if the form has 
been submitted and validated so that I know when to forward to /login.

It feels to me like the approach laid out at the URL above is a bit 
simple for this approach, but so far I haven't figured out how to do 
anything more low-level.  Seems like setting the form as an attribute of 
the controller and then doing the processing and validating in my 
methods/actions might be the way to go.

Anyone have any examples or advice?



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