[Catalyst] URI->new() with utf8 string and Unicode::Encoding will not work (but URI->new() with utf8 octets will work)

Erik Wasser erik.wasser at iquer.net
Fri Mar 4 15:13:54 GMT 2011

On 03/04/2011 08:26 AM, Eisenberger Tamás wrote:

> So Erik, can you please review your test, or explain a real word
> situation of the problem you facing?

I was trying to add some utf8 tests to my controller and calling the
running catalyst instance from the command line was okay but calling it
via test was not okay.

I was wondering about about the differences between the two cases
because the used string was the same so I've expected the same result.

2 Things will fix this:
1) Understand the issue (string with utf8 flag on/off)
2) Use Encode::encode() in your .t files

I don't know how real world this is. B-)

So long... Fuzz

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