[Catalyst] Sending Email from Page?

John M. Dlugosz wxju46gefd at snkmail.com
Mon Mar 21 07:24:48 GMT 2011

On 3/21/2011 1:48 AM, Octavian Rasnita orasnita-at-gmail.com |Catalyst/Allow to home| wrote:
> You can use any of them or Catalyst::Helper::Model::Email. The plugin is no longer 
> recommended.
So I see.  It's a simple wrapper that just integrates Catalyst config files, and that 
suits by purpose.  But trying to figure out how to use it I find the underlying stuff is 

Reading the page for Catalyst::Helper::Model::Email, and assuming that a ')' keeps getting 
lost, it's just a simple to use but you look up an object via Model first.  What is the 
benefit of that?  I suppose you can have more than one configuration pre-set, but I don't 
see that happening.  Is there some other advantage or conceptional purpose for making a 
"feature" or "content sink" or "side effect call" presented as a Model?

> The most simple way is not the best. The best way is to send the messages in a job queue 
> and let the worker module to send the message immediately or whenever the mail server is 
> free.
> If you send the message directly from your application, in that moment the server might 
> not be free and the user would need to wait too much until the message is sent, or the 
> mail server might give a timeout and in that case the message is lost because the 
> application doesn't send it again when the mail server is free.

I like being able to get a return result so I know it was sent!
If that is not possible on a real server, is there some module already that does this?
Hmm, maybe it depends on the mailer used?  Postfix just queues the incoming message 
anyway!  Why am I needing to duplicate what it already does?  Would another queue process 
in front of it be less likely to get stuck?

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