[Catalyst] Sending Email from Page?

John M. Dlugosz wxju46gefd at snkmail.com
Tue Mar 22 01:47:41 GMT 2011

On 3/21/2011 9:16 AM, Jorge Gonzalez jorge.gonzalez-at-daikon.es |Catalyst/Allow to home| 
> I really don't see the point in using an Email model. Just use the email sending module 
> from the controller (Mail::Builder::Simple or whatever) and setup a local postfix which 
> accepts outbound emails from local connections, and you're done. All queuing will be 
> done by postfix, where it belongs.
My feelings exactly.

> You need to install a local mail server so that the Catalyst app does not get stuck 
> trying to send. We can assume that messages sent from localhost will be handed over to 
> the local MTA pretty quickly (besides corner cases like full mailspool and the like). 
> This MTA can be a full-blown one, or one configured to use use a smart host.
I have Postfix on that server already.  I found it was easy to add a rule to accept 
connections from the local machine (as well as the existing rule for accepting 
authenticated connections) without adding another socket.  I'm not expecting it to handle 
a big load.  But I think I understand the point: set up a server that doesn't have much to 
do, and have it forward to the larger system.  Rather than a separate queueing process, 
Postfix _is_ such a queue process; just use another one of those.

> Catalyst offers you some posibilities, but it does not force you to use them. To me, 
> using a model for sending email is like hammering a nail with a screw driver. You can 
> surely do it, but it's simpler to use the hammer. Even if you have a fancy screw driver. 
> :-)
I might want to make it easy to change the email address the form directs to, without 
having it in the Controller PM file.  I'm sure I can add my own sections to the config 
without having to make a class to receive them, right?  I really need to understand the 
config better.

Thanks for the tips.

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