[Catalyst] Force the session to be saved.

Larry Leszczynski larryl at emailplus.org
Wed Mar 30 15:44:09 GMT 2011

Hi Duncan -

On Wed, 30 Mar 2011 09:40 +0100, "Duncan Garland"
<Duncan.Garland at motortrak.com> wrote:
> > finalize_session (which writes the session to the DB) runs before
> > finalize_body (which writes the response to the client), so Catalyst
> > already does what you would like it to, and forcing a session write
> > before running the view is unlikely to help anything. I suspect
> > either your database isn't guaranteeing ordering, or the problem is
> > somewhere other than where you're looking.
> > 
> > Andrew
> Thanks. That's very useful and a bit depressing.

Is it possible you are seeing a race condition from other things being
loaded, maybe on the previous page?  A one point we had a similar thing
going on and realized that some static content (images, etc.) was
actually going through the app and triggering a session read/save.


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