[Catalyst] Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication set_authenticated

Bill Corr bcorr at aptina.com
Wed Oct 5 09:02:56 GMT 2011



Is the set_authenticated method really private? I am puzzled because in
the documentation for Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication there is an
example using this method -


    $user = $c->find_user({ id => $id });

    $c->set_authenticated($user); # logs the user in and calls


Yet, later on it is listed as an internal method, with the usual caveats




These methods are for Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication INTERNAL USE
only. Please do not use them in your own code, whether application or
credential / store modules. If you do, you will very likely get the
nasty shock of having to fix / rewrite your code when things change.
They are documented here only for reference.


$c->set_authenticated( $user, $realmname )


Well, I am using it anyway! 




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