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Duncan Garland Duncan.Garland at motortrak.com
Thu Oct 6 12:39:43 GMT 2011


Has any anybody got a working example of the use of Locale::Maketext with Locale::Maketext::Lexicon? I think I've missed something simple. My example code is:

{ package Lexicon;

  use base 'Locale::Maketext';
  use Locale::Maketext::Lexicon {
      fr => ['Gettext' => "hello_fr2.po" ],

  sub fr::xxx { print "Hello!"; return "hello"; }



my $l = Lexicon->get_handle( 'fr' );

print $l->maketext( "Hello" ) . "\n";

print $l->maketext( "Nuts ~[xxx~]" ) . "\n";

The hello_fr2.po contains:

msgid "Hello"
msgstr "Bonjour"

msgid "Goodbye"
msgstr "Au revoir"

msgid "Your search matched [quant,_1,book]"
msgstr "Vous trouvez [ quant, _1, livre ]"

msgid "You are my [ord,_1] something."

msgid "[numf,_1]"
msgstr "[numf,_1]"

msgid "Nuts [xxx]"
msgstr "Bolts [xxx]"

The output is:

Bolts [xxx]

So the simple substitutions work but I can't get it to call the function. Furthermore, it puts tilde before each bracket, so I can't get a match for anything with a function unless I put tildes in there. I've missed something simple. Any ideas?



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