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I hadn't seen this and I've only just had a quick glance through it. However, it contains some obvious errors. The most glaring is that Maketext does allow the word order to be swopped in the output although I think the parameter order has to be the same.

Msgid "[xxx, 1, 2]"
Msgstr "[xxx, 1, 2]"

The function which outputs the translation for xxx can easily be made to return "1,2" or "2,1".

I'm not sure what he means by Voodoo but I thought simple functions such as quant were pre-implemented in many languages. I also find it hard to believe that there aren't some pre-written lexicons available. The perl community is very good at that.

Not sure about the rest. I only started looking at this a couple of days ago and I've only just extricated myself from that knot I got into with the syntax.

All the best.


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I don't know if it helps, but I've been researching a little about 
localization recently, and I came across this article: 

In summary, it states Locale::Maketext shouldn't be used - we should be 
using Locale::TextDomain instead. I'm considering it for my current needs.

Any thoughts?


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