[Catalyst] Catalyst::Plugin::AutoCRUD 2.x and ExtJS 4

Oliver Gorwits oliver at cpan.org
Tue Oct 11 17:14:20 GMT 2011

On 11/10/2011 06:56, jul.gil at gmail.com wrote:
>> 6) I'm not a UI person so it's a lot of effort for me to do
> I can help.

That's appreciated :-)

>> ExtJS 4 doesn't seem to offer much that would improve the interface, other
>> than perhaps the paging-less "infinite scroll" grid.
> Filters also can be integrated in column's headers (available also in 2.2)

In 2.2 the filter is accessed by opening the column options (where you 
also show/hide the cols). I didn't like that the filter wasn't visible 
all the time, so implemented the current AutoCRUD filters "row".

I believe it's the same in 4.x from what I've seen of the demos unless I 
missed something. Oh, the editable grid is also a nice feature but I'm 
unsure whether that would just confuse the user in the current UI.

> I wil try a simple test with ExtJS 4, and post it soon.

I look forward to it, many thanks!


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