[Catalyst] Catalyst for large-scale e-commerce: A good or bad choice?

Kieren Diment diment at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 11:23:21 GMT 2011

On 23/10/2011, at 21:54, Alec Taylor <alec.taylor6 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Good afternoon,
> I'm looking at all the notable CMSs and web-frameworks across any
> language (C++, Ruby, Python, Perl, .NET, PHP), for an e-commerce
> solution which suits my project.
> Basically I'm creating an e-commerce store of e-commerce stores. So
> for all e-commerce stores integrated with this system, there is a
> shared user database and shopping cart integrated with PayPal (but
> preferably multiple payment gateways).

Your explanation lacks clarity.  However catalyst is extraordinarily useful for systems integration, and has been used extensively for such in business, education, media and government sectors. 

> Would Catalyst be a good choice for developing this project?
> i.e. are there many predone components for this kind of thing which
> can be utilised to speedup development time?

If you want something like oscommerce or zencart then no. If you want libraries which you glue together by hand for your own specialist purposes, then yes. 

> Also, is Catalyst scalable enough for a system of this sort, or should
> I pick a competitor?

Catalyst is designed to scale. Your bottleneck here will not be catalyst, or hardware. It will be your access to good programmers. 

> Thanks for all suggestions,
> Alec Taylor
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