[Catalyst] Catalyst for large-scale e-commerce: A good or bad choice?

Matthias Dietrich mdietrich at cpan.org
Sun Oct 23 12:32:08 GMT 2011


I'd second the answer from Kieren except:

Am 23.10.2011 um 13:23 schrieb Kieren Diment:

> Catalyst is designed to scale. Your bottleneck here will not be catalyst, or hardware. It will be your access to good programmers.

I'd like to clarify that: "access to good programmers that are available".

There are many programmers knowing Catalyst out there but all known to me are either bound to projects or employed at a company (this is a general issue with Perl programmers).  However, I found that good programmers can easily learn how to write good applications with Perl and Catalyst, thanks to many tutorials, documentation, mailing lists and irc channels.  There are plenty of people to help out!


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