[Catalyst] [ANNOUNCE] Catalyst-Runtime-5.90005

Oleg Kostyuk cub.uanic at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 22:48:25 GMT 2011

I looked at diff to previous version via CPAN (http://goo.gl/BlHhv),
and part that is related to lib/Catalyst.pm seems like not finished,
as for me. May be, this is because I'm not native English speaker?
Here is relevant part:

@@ -1429,6 +1385,30 @@ You can use:

 and it will create the URI /users/the-list.

+=item \@captures_and_args?
+Optional array reference of Captures (i.e. C<<CaptureArgs or
+and arguments to the request. Usually used with
+to interpolate all the parameters in the URI.
+=item @args?
+Optional list of extra arguments - can be supplied in the C<<
\@captures_and_args? >>
+array ref, or here - whichever is easier for your code..
+If your action may have a zero, a fixed or a variable number of args
(e.g. C<< Args(1) >>
+for a fixed number or C<< Args() >> for a variable number)..
+=item \%query_values?

Looks, like in "=item @args?" description, in second paragraph should
be "If your action ......., then .......". But there is no "then", and
there are two points at the end - what this should mean?

Thanks for as always great release!

2011/10/23 Tomas Doran <bobtfish at bobtfish.net>:
> I'm pleased to announce the latest maintenance release of Catalyst-Runtime:
> 5.90005
> This release contains a couple of new features, and a number of
> documentation improvements. Thanks to all the contributors for all the the
> patches which make up this release.
> Full changelog is included below.
> Cheers
> t0m
> 5.90005 - 2011-10-22 13:35:00
>  New features:
>   - $c->uri_for_action can now take an array of CaptureArgs and Args
>     If you have an action which has both, then you can now say:
>     $c->uri_for_action('/myaction', [@captures, @args]);
>     whereas before you had to say:
>     $c->uri_for_action('/myaction', [@captures], @args);
>     The previous form is still supported, however in many cases it is
>     easier for the application code to not have to differentiate between
>     the two.
>   - Catalyst::ScriptRunner has been enhanced so that it will now
>     load and apply traits, making it easier to customise.
>     - MyApp::TraitFor::Script (if it exists) will be applied to all
>       scripts in the application.
>     - MyApp::TraitFor::Script::XXXX will be applied to the relevant script
>       (for example MyApp::TraitFor::Script::Server will be applied to
>       MyApp::Script::Server if it exists, or Catalyst::Script::Server
>       otherwise).
>  Documentation:
>   - Document how to get the vhost of the request in $c->req->hostname
>     to avoid confusion
>   - Remove documentation showing Global / Regex / Private actionsi
>     as whilst these still exist (and work), they are not recommended.
>   - Remove references to the -Engine flag.
>   - Remove references to the deprecated Catalyst->plugin method
>   - Spelling fixed (and tested) throughout the documentation
>   - Note that wrapping the setup method will not work with method modifiers
>     and provide an alternative.
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Sincerely yours,
Oleg Kostyuk (CUB-UANIC)

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