[Catalyst] Plack::Hanlder::FCGI Bug?

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Tue Oct 25 18:28:48 GMT 2011

On 25 Oct 2011, at 06:27, Josef Chladek wrote:
> If I comment this block out, the correct PATH_INFO somecontroller/ 
> method is called.
> An if around this block
> if ($env->{SERVER_SOFTWARE} && $env->{SERVER_SOFTWARE} =~ m!lighttpd!)
> would be the solution, I guess...

I think the plan is to remove this change, and make it a non-default  

As you correctly surmised, the issue is Plack 'fixing' things for you  

I've commented on the issue in the Plack bug tracker, thanks for the  
problem report!


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