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John Karr brainbuz at brainbuz.org
Tue Sep 13 19:11:11 GMT 2011

I strongly recommend the Catalyst Tutorial. It is denser than I would have =
liked when figuring Catalyst out, and sometimes digresses about outdated ve=
rsions of Catalyst, other than that my biggest gripe is that it completely =
ignores DBI Models, which means that if you don't know DBIx::Class coming i=
n, prefer another ORM, or prefer SQL to ORM you have to put a lot of effort=
 into DBIx::Class which is very distracting from understanding the rest of =
Catalyst. I also recommend becoming familiar with TemplateToolkit and Moose=
 before starting work on Catalyst, just so that you have less to grasp whil=
e working through the Catalyst/DBIx::Class Tuturial.

I've written an auxilliary document on using DBI models (the version up is =
about half complete. A new version should be going up by the end of the mon=
th), you can find it at http://brainbuz.org/techinfo/Catalyst-Model-Simple-=
tml> or on github at https://github.com/brainbuz/Catalyst--Model--Simple--T=

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I just finished installing catalyst along with strawberry perl. Would someo=
ne please recommend a good tutorial to get my feet wet?

Thank you,

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