[Catalyst] Catakyst::Runtime 5.90018 install issues

Nigel Metheringham nigel at dotdot.it
Mon Dec 3 22:58:34 GMT 2012

Seven Reeds wrote:
> I am running RedHat Enterprise 5.8, perl v5.8.8

Presumably system perl.

> I tried installing the runtime and devel modules from CPAN but they
> failed the tests.  I am only focusing on the runtime tests at this
> time though.

I haven't tried getting this to work on RHEL 5 perl for a couple of
years.  Back then it could be done, but needed work - a couple of sets
of tests needed to be ignored (I didn't spend a lot of time working out

Now I don't bother.  Perlbrew, perl 5.16.x and current CPAN is one hell
of a lot easier, and more stable when RHEL issue a perl bugfix.  Same
apples to RHEL 6 - perl 5.10 is not exactly modern either.


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