[Catalyst] fcgid configuration for catalyst

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Thu Feb 2 08:13:16 GMT 2012

On 2 Feb 2012, at 03:37, Riju Royson wrote:

> Hi,
> My team owns a dedicated catalyst application which is working on
> mod_perl and apache. The application is for generating several reports
> and is used by a huge number of employees in our organization. Now we
> need to move out of mod_perl because our organization stopped
> supporting it. After some research work, we decided to go with fcgid.

Why fcgid?

It's generally for shared hosting, you're not doing shared hosting.

> Any pointers to this issue will be very helpful.

Any actual info to help debug it would be helpful :_)

Can you show us your apache config, and what a dumped $c->request  
looks like?


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