[Catalyst] fcgid configuration for catalyst

Riju Royson rijuroyson at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 03:37:05 GMT 2012


My team owns a dedicated catalyst application which is working on
mod_perl and apache. The application is for generating several reports
and is used by a huge number of employees in our organization. Now we
need to move out of mod_perl because our organization stopped
supporting it. After some research work, we decided to go with fcgid.
We did the configuration with the help of available documents, and
discussion threads in this mailing lists. With fcgid, we are able to
bring up our application main page.

When we did some testing, we came to know that all links from main
page is broken. It seems, $c->uri_for() is not returning any value. We
are using this for navigating to different controllers.We tried to
find out a solution for this, but nothing seems to work. Also
$c->req->user, $c->response->redirect etc seems to be failing.

Any pointers to this issue will be very helpful.

Thanks in advance,
Riju Royson

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