[Catalyst] Running multiple test servers together as the same app

Bill Moseley moseley at hank.org
Thu Jan 26 03:49:44 GMT 2012

A quick questions for the the collective wisdom here.

We have an app that is just getting too big and we are splitting it up into
separate Catalyst apps (mostly based on feature) to allow groups of
developers to work on features independently, develop tests independently
and release independently.   Hopefully it will be a more scalable approach.

So, /foo and /bar might be on different apps, but all under the same domain
in production.   But, if using the development servers they would be on
different ports.

In production we can use the load balancer (or the web server) to direct
requests to the right app.  But, I need suggestions for development.
 Currently, the developers start up a proxy server that "points" to their
development instances (one or more Catalyst apps).  But, that has its own
problems (like Apache blocking for some amount of time when a Catalyst dev
server is restarted and Apache thinks the server died.)

One option I was kicking around was wrapping uri_for to map requests to
different paths to different development servers running on different
ports.  That would simply be per-developer configuration -- meaning each
developer has their own "port pool" to use in the case of developers
working on the same dev machine.

Any other suggestions how to let developers work with related Catalyst apps
(that need to link to each other) using the Catalyst development server?


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Bill Moseley
moseley at hank.org
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