[Catalyst] Running multiple test servers together as the same app

Alexander Hartmaier alexander.hartmaier at t-systems.at
Thu Jan 26 08:14:57 GMT 2012

Mount them with Plack?

Am 2012-01-26 04:49, schrieb Bill Moseley:
A quick questions for the the collective wisdom here.

We have an app that is just getting too big and we are splitting it up into=
 separate Catalyst apps (mostly based on feature) to allow groups of develo=
pers to work on features independently, develop tests independently and rel=
ease independently.   Hopefully it will be a more scalable approach.

So, /foo and /bar might be on different apps, but all under the same domain=
 in production.   But, if using the development servers they would be on di=
fferent ports.

In production we can use the load balancer (or the web server) to direct re=
quests to the right app.  But, I need suggestions for development.  Current=
ly, the developers start up a proxy server that "points" to their developme=
nt instances (one or more Catalyst apps).  But, that has its own problems (=
like Apache blocking for some amount of time when a Catalyst dev server is =
restarted and Apache thinks the server died.)

One option I was kicking around was wrapping uri_for to map requests to dif=
ferent paths to different development servers running on different ports.  =
That would simply be per-developer configuration -- meaning each developer =
has their own "port pool" to use in the case of developers working on the s=
ame dev machine.

Any other suggestions how to let developers work with related Catalyst apps=
 (that need to link to each other) using the Catalyst development server?


Bill Moseley
moseley at hank.org<mailto:moseley at hank.org>

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