[Catalyst] prepare_body_chunk in Catalyst 5.9

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Mon Jul 16 15:09:42 GMT 2012

On 12 Jul 2012, at 21:42, Eric Wright wrote:

> Looking into this further - in the the source for Catalyst I see that the prepare_body statement has been moved to the Request object removing the ability to hook into this event via the Plugin architecture. I was using this hook to monitor the number of chunks transmitted to the server for monitoring upload progress. I take it this approach is not going to be supported any longer? From a design perspective, would it be recommended that I instead extend and implement my own Request class for this purpose? Appreciate the feedback. 


<double sigh> - I accidentally didn't send this - less relevant now..

bummer :(

I'm responsible for the changes in question, and what you are doing is an entirely valid use-csse.

To the wider community - is anyone else doing this?

To you, Eric - do you have any logistical or cultural problem moving this functionality to a custom request class/role (role recommended)?

As unless anyone disagrees (feel free if you think I'm wrong!), I think the change is actually good, and should stay (as only a very few people will be affected by it), but we should note it in Catalyst::Upgrading.


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