[Catalyst] New edition of The Definitive Guide to Catalyst?

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Fri Mar 2 20:15:02 GMT 2012

On 1 Mar 2012, at 09:54, Willi Schiegel wrote:

> Hello,
> does anybody know whether there will be a new edition of this book with all the new things 5.9 has? Since I am new to all this Perl web framework stuff and especially PSGI it would be very helpful to have one source to start learning.

Not at the moment - there are _literally_ no changes needed for PSGI stuff. It would, of course, be worth an additional chapter when the updated version _is_ released, but I don't think that's really needed till 6.0 ;_)

As place is more an adaptor layer - it doesn't impact on your actual application code very much, however a lot of things that you can extend Catalyst to do can be done as plack middleware instead, so other than the extra deployment options you now have, the main benefit is the extensive set of Plack::Middleware::XXX on CPAN which you can reuse.

There are loads of good resources on Plack already on the internet you can learn from - see http://plackperl.org/, have a look through the contents of Task::Plack for a good idea of some of the things that are available, and have a look at the Plack blog & advent calendar - which has several years worth of tips, tricks and ideas.


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