[Catalyst] Best practice for configuration file placement

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Thu May 17 04:02:38 GMT 2012

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>Subject: [Catalyst] Best practice for configuration file placement
>Hi there,
>I've failed in locating this question as a FAQ, so I would appreciate some guidance.
>I've written a Catalyst application that will be deployed in Debian. We want to keep config files under /etc/some_app/ so naturally, I would like to add this path to the ones to be searched by ConfigLoader. The application's main .pm contains:
>  use Catalyst ( qw/
>    ConfigLoader
>  # ...
>    /
>  );

I usually put my non code data under /share and access it like this:

  'Plugin::ConfigLoader' => {
    file => __PACKAGE__->path_to('share', 'etc'),

I would think you could build something into the makefile.PL that would copy this stuff to /etc for production.  


>We'll want to run the application under nginx/FastCGI. I realize that I can simply set the environment appropriately in the startup rc script but before doing that, I was wondering what would be the "best practice" way to achieve this?
>Best regards.
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