[Catalyst] Using Action::REST and Controller::ActionRole together?

Miquel Ruiz self at miquelruiz.net
Sat May 26 16:34:03 GMT 2012

Hi all,

I would like to mix in the same action some custom ActionRoles (via 
Catalyst::Controller::ActionRole) and Catalyst::Action::REST.

I gave it a try in a test application, but the action roles are getting 
applied to both the main action and the method-specific action:

# Main action
sub index :Path :Args(0) :Does('Role1') :Does('Role2') 
:ActionClass('REST') {

# GET specific action
sub index_GET {

In this scenario, I'm getting Role1 and Role2 functions executed twice, 
which is not desired.

I wonder if someone out there is using it (or another approach which 
provides the same features), and if there is a sane way to mix both 
functionalities without shoot myself in the foot

Maybe would be interesting to have a Catalyst::ActionRole::REST, 
providing the same features than Catalyst::Action::REST, but 
encapsulated in a role?

If I'm saying something silly, or if I'm missing some point which makes 
this impossible, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your comments!

Miquel Ruiz

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