[Catalyst] problem with Apache and FastCGI

Frank Schwach fs5 at sanger.ac.uk
Sat May 26 17:39:44 GMT 2012


I'm trying to run my Catalyst app as a FastCGI process with Apache2, 
using the static configuration option.
When I start Apache I get the following error in the Apache error log:

No such file or directory: FastCGI: can't create server 

However, the fascgi script file does exist at that exact path and it is 
owned by the same user that runs Apache, and it is executable by everybody.

I found this problem mentioned in the Catalyst Wiki:


    Why does Apache claim myapp_fastcgi.pl doesn't exist when it does?

If you get this error:

|FastCGI: can't start server "/tmp/myapp/script/myapp_fastcgi.pl" (pid 15460), execle() failed: No such file or directory

when the file *is* there, and its owner is |nobody|, that's just a bad 
error message from Apache. The real cause is that the shebang line in 
|myapp_fastcgi.pl| could not be executed.


But I'm not sure I understand it. I can execute the fasccgi script as 
the same user on that system, so I can't see why the shebang ling 
couldn't be executed. Does anybody know anything more specific about 
this error and how to solve it?

BTW: I can also run the app with the catalyst development server on that 
system, so it's not missing dependencies or anything.

Thanks a lot for your help!


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