[Catalyst] Canot get application working on IIS7 via FastCGI

David Schmidt davewood at gmx.at
Thu Oct 18 06:43:50 GMT 2012

> Sorry again for not providing enough information, I will try to give you what you need but I
> will need a little help doing that also, can you advise where the logs for the app when
> running over IIS7-> FastCGI are? Is there a file somewhere that gets written to each time
> the fastcgi.pl script gets executed with this information in it?

I am pretty sure that you have to look where your webserver logs to.
With Apache it is possible to configure the log and errorlog location.
I suppose the same is possible for IIS7
Google it.

> Also can you guide me to where this change needs to be made
> 'Catalyst::Engine::prepare_path method ' for Data::Dumper:Dumper, where is the file that
> needs editing located? , Also is there a Catalyst method to spit out the data via
> Data::Dumper already integrated into the framework, or do I need to import it myself?

Look for the file Catalyst/Engine.pm. then search for "prepare_path"

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