[Catalyst] Module::Install::Catalyst replacement

Bill Moseley moseley at hank.org
Fri Sep 14 14:29:29 GMT 2012

I'm using Dist::Zilla and creating a Plugin to replace what
Module::Install::Catalyst does.   By default all files in home are copied
to blib (to allow installing) except the following patterns:

our @IGNORE =3D
  qw/Build Build.PL Changes MANIFEST META.yml Makefile.PL Makefile README
  _build blib lib script t inc .*\.svn \.git _darcs \.bzr \.hg
  debian build-stamp install-stamp configure-stamp/;

I'm thinking of reversing that logic and having a Dist::Zilla plugin
that *explicitly
defines* what is copied.   So, any file in home that match these patterns
would be included:


Is there anything else that should be in that default list of patterns to

And, of course, allow to add files/dirs to that list via dist.ini

; replaces [MakeMaker]
include =3D conf
include =3D config.yml

I'm still not convinced this is the best approach, though.   Copying the
files when Makefile.PL runs always seems a bit of a kludge -- compared to,
say, having "make" copy the files like a normal Makefile.

And one could argue that these files and directories should go into "share"
in the distribution and then get installed as File::ShareDir expects (i.e.
have Catalyst::Utils::home() use dist_dir( $c->config->{name} )   ).  But,
that's kind of a big change.

Anyone have thoughts on the that?

-- =

Bill Moseley
moseley at hank.org
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