[Catalyst] mojomojo capability questions

Dennis Daupert ddaupert at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 18:01:57 GMT 2013

I am posting to ask about a couple of features that I do not see documented
regarding MojoMojo.

At work we're comparing features of a few wikis for our team's use. We
develop software applications, and include a set of release documents. It
would be highly useful to use a wiki to create those documents.

I can work with Perl, and could in theory make some modifications, if
needed, but have been told I would not be given work time to do so. So if
we were to select MojoMojo, most, if not all, of the  needed requirements
would have to be already in place, or available using plugins.

A most impressive feature of MojoMojo is its hierarchical arrangement. That
would allow us to create a document set for some given project comprised of
a tree-structured set of pages. If it were then possible to point to the
parent document and export just that tree, that capability would weigh
heavily in favor of MojoMojo. I've found mention of the capability of
exporting the entire wiiki, but not of a selected tree-structure. Does that
capability exist?

One absolute requirement: the wiki must be able to export pages to PDF. Our
management would actually prefer exporting to Ms Word, but that's a bit of
a stretch. I haven't seen any wiki so enabled.

I appreciate any information.

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