[Catalyst] mojomojo capability questions

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Thu Apr 18 09:29:48 GMT 2013

Dennis Daupert wrote:
> A most impressive feature of MojoMojo is its hierarchical arrangement. That
> would allow us to create a document set for some given project comprised of
> a tree-structured set of pages.

Many technically-minded people see hierarchically structured
documentation as being well-ordered and neatly matching the system it is
describing. It turns out however that documentation is almost always
better written with a fairly flat structure with a strictly limited set
of levels (maybe 3 or perhaps 4). The structure in the software system
needs to be replaced by sequences in the documentation.

> If it were then possible to point to the
> parent document and export just that tree, that capability would weigh
> heavily in favor of MojoMojo. I've found mention of the capability of
> exporting the entire wiiki, but not of a selected tree-structure. Does that
> capability exist?

This seems like the solution driving the requirement. It sounds like
your requirement is to produce separate documentation for separate
projects. There are many ways to accomplish that.

> One absolute requirement: the wiki must be able to export pages to PDF. Our
> management would actually prefer exporting to Ms Word, but that's a bit of
> a stretch. I haven't seen any wiki so enabled.

You may find it useful to make an intermediate step. Export from the
wiki in some 'useful' format and then use word-processing or other
specialised document transformation software to reach your final target.
LibreOffice could export in Word format for example, or there are many
CPAN modules that could help.

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