[Catalyst] local server hangs on Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 9

Dami Laurent (PJ) laurent.dami at justice.ge.ch
Fri Apr 19 06:26:25 GMT 2013

Hi Catalysters,

My company just upgraded from Windows XP/MSIE8 to Windows 7 / MSIE9. Since then I have problems with Catalyst local HTTP server : sometimes the requests are frozen ... but with luck an additional request unlocks the whole thing and all responses come at once. I suspect some problem related to new threading behaviours in Windows or in Internet Explorer. Oddly enough, if I run Fiddler (http://fiddler2.com) as a local proxy, then everything works fine.

Perl 5.14.4, Catalyst 5.90020, Plack 1.0023.

Any help or hints on that problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Laurent Dami

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