[Catalyst] Simple session snag probably -- "Couldn't find a model named Learn::Session"

Hailin Hu i at h2l.name
Sun Aug 11 05:50:57 GMT 2013

How is your model like?

I suppose you map your schema and model as below:
Learn::Schema::Auth -> Learn::Model::Auth

Then Auth::Session should work.
Use the name of model instead of schema in context of catalyst.

Hope it helps.

On Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 6:10 AM, will trillich
<will.trillich at serensoft.com> wrote:
> Starting a new app, and winding up with the "Couldn't load class (Learn)
> because: Couldn't find a model named Learn::Session" error...
> We have two schema:
> - Learn::Schema::Auth (users, roles, sessions, etc)
>     Auth.pm extends 'DBIx::Class::Schema', as expected
> - Learn::Schema::DB (real app data here)
>     Learn.pm extends 'DBIx::Class::Schema', as expected
> We are intending to store session info in
> Learn::Schema::Auth::Result::Session.
> learn.conf includes:
> <session>
>     dbic_class     = Learn::Session
> </session>
> We've done other Catalyst apps with this pattern and they work just fine.
> (Blah::Session never really exists on its own, Blah::Model::Blah::Session
> doesn't either, but Blah::Schema::DB::Result::Session does and there seems
> to be a bit of magic in converting Blah::Session into
> Blah::Schema::DB::Result::Session.)
> Without <session>dbic_class</> in learn.conf, the error message changes to
> "Couldn't find a model named DBIC::Session" as expected.
> What's missing here? Something obvious no doubt...
> Or, how do we specify "Learn::Schema::DB::Result::Session" for our session
> data, using dbic_class in the conf file?
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